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Message from Director

A world of possibilities and education solutions for you

Senac São Paulo celebrates seven decades transforming the lives of people and communities through knowledge and education for independence. Throughout that time, the institution has chosen to be contemporary on a daily basis, focusing on the demands and trends of the job market.

The organization is present in 43 of the state’s cities, with a network of 54 units, three campuses, two hotel-schools and one publishing house.

It has a team of nearly 9,000 employees and serves around 540 thousand people per year, 95,600 by means of full scholarships through the Senac Scholarship Grant Policy. The initiative, with enormous inclusive power, confirms a commitment to social development among entrepreneurs in the trade in goods, services and tourism sector.

The portfolio offers educational products in various fields of knowledge and teaching formats – open, technical, undergraduate, university extension, graduate and lato sensu courses, along with an impressive lineup of lectures, workshops and other activities. It always relies on the decisive support of its motivated teaching staff and the excellent facilities and equipment.

For higher education, the institution maintains the Senac University Center, consisting of the Santo Amaro campus in the capital and the upstate campuses at Águas de São Pedro and Campos do Jordão. The Ministry of Education recently renewed accreditation for this center of excellence, once again receiving top scores in all of the evaluated variables. This is a valuable indicator, even more so because the organization is responsible for domestic provision of distance learning at the higher education level, bringing quality education to a significant audience in cities all across the country.

Senac São Paulo’s academic model makes the boundaries more tenuous between learning and the reality experienced in the working world, striving to offer students living experiences of building their own knowledge and developing skills through the use of hands-on tools structured as simulated real market situations. The practical activities in thematic laboratories give professionals trained by the institution an advantage, helping prepare them to handle any situation that may be faced in the work environment, regardless of complexity.

The Senac hotel-schools GRANDE HOTEL SÃO PEDRO and GRANDE HOTEL CAMPOS DO JORDÃO are recognized as the country’s most advanced centers of knowledge in the field, in addition to being international references. The students, under strict supervision, use the entire hotel infrastructure as a real-time laboratory. It is not mere simulation there: demanding guests need to be served attentively and carefully.

Senac São Paulo Publishing House is an invaluable branch of its educational outreach. With over 20 years of history, it has received over a hundred of the most prominent awards in the Brazilian publishing market, as well as dozens of international awards for its releases in the culinary arts field. It has already sold about 11.5 million copies, with more than 1,200 published titles and 800 authors in its catalog. Every year dozens of unpublished works are released to the market, with its name also gracing the pages of publications listed as bestsellers.

All of this experience further qualifies the institution to offer educational solutions tailored to the needs of corporations and public organizations, by way of its corporate service offering. Examples of these activities include technical courses, initial and ongoing training programs, designed for students in federal and state programs with great social impact.

Aware of its exemplary educational role, Senac has a comprehensive Eco-efficiency program with many green initiatives, based on international models of corporate certification and continuous environmental performance monitoring at its units.

Welcome to Senac São Paulo, an institution that develops knowledge, entrepreneurship and transformative professional practice.

Luiz Francisco de A. Salgado
Regional Executive Officer