Institucional Mission

Educating for work in trade in goods, services and tourism.

To be the Brazilian institution that offers the best professional education solutions,
recognized by enterprises.

Transparency, Social Inclusion, Excellence, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Attitude, Education for Independence and Sustainable Development

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Senac São Paulo’s path is expressive in its importance for building and spreading marketplace-targeted knowledge in Brazil. The starting point occurred on January 10, 1946, when the Decree-laws 8,621 and 8,622 authorized the National Confederation of Commerce (CNC) to install and manage commerce teaching schools throughout Brazil. From this point, Senac started its activities, materializing the educational commitment of commerce and service entrepreneurs.


Quality and a pioneering nature have marked the institution’s history and are widely acknowledged. The portfolio of educational products and services keeps up with the accelerated pace of society trends and is distributed through a complete structure, currently consisting of the Senac University Center – Águas de São Pedro Campus, Campos do Jordão Campus and Santo Amaro Campus, in the southern region of São Paulo – and 56 other units distributed throughout Greater São Paulo and other cities in the State of São Paulo. The spaces have state-of-the-art equipment, comprising ambiences where every day students experience enhanced standards in professional practice. A good example is the work at the hotel-schools – Grande Hotel Campos do Jordão and Grande Hotel São Pedro –, which harmonically integrate their commercial activities with educational practice.


The Senac São Paulo Publishing House is an important arm of this work, with renowned awards and millions of copies sold in different professional and general interest areas.

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The schedule includes products and services in different fields of knowledge in all modalities, from higher education, with college, post-graduation (lato sensu) and university extension courses to the traditional technical and free courses. The Senac Corporate Service is the relationship channel targeted exclusively for building the best solutions for public, private and tertiary sector initiatives, with a package of options in consulting and training services adjustable to the needs and interests of each customer.

Autonomy and Innovation

With an educational methodology targeted to entrepreneurship, students learn how to create and diversify the possibilities for their insertion in the marketplace, thus achieving autonomy for conducting innovative projects. Social commitment is also part of Senac’s principles and mission, with a scholarship policy that every year reaches thousands of people who would not be able to enjoy our services in any other way, as well as an extensive work targeted to environmental preservation, and development and strengthening of base organizations and communities.


The Senac São Paulo brand follows thousands of professionals who graduate and stand out in the marketplace every year. Acknowledgement of this work ensures the proximity and partnership with companies and institutions in Brazil and other countries, offering exchange actions to students and teachers, as well as differentiated, enriching experiences.


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