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Inauguration of Senac Penha and Senac São João da Boa Vista.

Delivery of the Empresa que Educa (Educating Company) Stamp to 900 organizations, for their contribution to the Program of Education for Work (Programa de Educação para o Trabalho), which professionally qualifies people between 14 and 21 years old from the lower income groups and living in the outskirts of major cities.

Beginning of Remote Learning activities, with the launch of Photoshop, Golive and Illustrator courses.

Conduction of campaigns Senac Alert – For a city without thirst (Senac Alerta – Por uma cidade sem sede), Prevention to Cancer (Prevenção ao Câncer) and Good Sight (Boa Visão).

The TV Senac São Paulo starts operating in joint management with Sesc São Paulo, the National Department from Sesc and National Department from Senac, under the name STV - Rede SescSenac de Televisão (SescSenac Television Network).

Launch of the university course Technology in Gastronomy, beginning of classes for the first class of the bachelor’s course in Graphic Design and of the Technology in Environmental Management course, which marks the beginning of activities of higher education in Environmental Management.

The language area launches the French course and opens the Digital Language Laboratory “Can-8”, a Canadian technology unprecedented in Brazil that works simultaneously with text, audio and image without the need for books or cassette tapes.

Implementation of the “Corporate Education Center”, as a result of the development and approval of a strategic project targeted to developing employees and collaborators in order to promote organizational learning and knowledge management from essential competences for the strategic business management.

Worksite during construction of the Center of Community Education for Work building, in the Penha district. São Paulo, 1999. Institutional Memory of SENAC-SP.
Façade of the Language Center, located at Dr. Fausto Ferraz street, 87, in the Bela Vista district. São Paulo, 2000. Institutional Memory of SENAC-SP.


Approval of Strategic Proposal by Senac Sao Paulo for the Decade 2001-2010.

Conduction of the Profession Program (Programa Profissão), in partnership with the State Department of Education that, for three years, served dozens of thousands teenagers graduated from public high schools.

Inauguration of the Environmental Education Center, currently Senac Jabaquara.

Reception of the Laura Russo Award, granted by the Regional Library Science Council of São Paulo, for the work of expansion and automation of the Senac libraries.

Acquisition (purchase) of the building compound belonging to the company Walita, for future installation of the Campus Santo Amaro from the Senac University Center.

With the adoption of systems for sewage and garbage treatment, the teaching hotel Grande Hotel São Pedro is granted the certification ISO 14001.

The Senac São Paulo network totals 476,401 services during the year.

Launch of the "Profession Program". Detail of article published on page 9 of the SENAC.SP Magazine, issue 17. São Paulo, 2001. Institutional Memory of SENAC-SP.
Students of the fast-food chain McDonald's during a ceremony to celebrate the end of the first course conducted through a partnership between SENAC-SP and McDonald's. Article from page 15, SENAC.SP Magazine, issue 17. Sao Paulo, 2001. Institutional Memory of SENAC-SP.


Inauguration of Senac Jaboticabal and of the new facilities of Senac Itapetininga.

Launch of the program Formatos – Formation of Social Actors (Formação de Atores Sociais), for leaders of community associations and non-governmental organizations.

Launch of the Internet portal Setor 3, with information and services for third sector organizations.

Conclusion of the expansion of Senac Campinas and of the gastronomic education compound from Grande Hotel São Pedro, a Senac teaching hotel.

Implementation of the Eco-efficiency (Ecoeficiência) project, to elaborate an environmental diagnosis of the group of units and further implementation of the Environmental Management system of Senac Sao Paulo.

Notification of change in the commercial use of the logo Senac on the State of São Paulo, with the purpose of repositioning and reinforcing the institutional image of the Organization.

Partnership with the Center for Civil Society Studies of The Johns Hopkins University, United States, to multiply in Brazil the new work methodology from the third sector.

The Senac São Paulo group totals 458,524 services throughout the year.

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Inauguration of the Applied Technology Center, currently Senac Lapa Tito.

Inauguration of the new Dental Clinic, in Sao Paulo, which enabled the innovation and expansion of dental healthcare courses.

Launch of the new Pedagogical Proposal, which consolidates the best practices and experiences of Senac Sao Paulo.

Launch of the professional master’s degree program Integrated Management System in the area of environmental education.

The Fundação Abrinq pelos Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente (Foundation Abrinq for Children’s and Teenager’s Rights) acknowledges Senac São Paulo as a Child Friend Company.

Awarding of Jabuti prize 2003 for the books “Casa do delírio – reportagem no manicômio judiciário de Franco da Rocha” (House of delirium – a story on the judicial mental asylum in Franco da Rocha), by Douglas Tavolaro, and “O menino do São Benedito e outras crônicas” (The boy from São Benedito and other chronicles), by Luís Nassif

The Portal Senac, new institutional website that includes information about the group of units in the State, goes live.

Inclusion among the top 100 companies to work for and among the top 40 companies for women to work for, in an inquiry made by Exame magazine.

The group Senac São Paulo totals 156,255 customers and 438,398 services throughout the year.

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Inauguration of the first phase of the Campus Santo Amaro, which, along with the Campus Campos do Jordão and the Campus Águas de São Pedro, was homologated as a Senac University Center with maximum rate in all items assessed by the Ministry of Education.

Inauguration of Senac 9 de Julho.

Creation of the Entrepreneurship Center that researches trends in the area and studies ways to disclose such contents in the programming.

Awarding of Jabuti prize for the book “Enquanto corria a barca” (While the boat sailed), by Lucy Dias.

Launch of Corporate Customer Care, which systemizes and boosts the service to companies, public organizations and third sector entities.

Senac wins the Aberje Brasil award as the institution with the best corporate communication case in Brazil, with its portal, in the Internet category.

The Senac São Paulo group totals 145,235 customers and 425,826 services throughout the year.


Inauguration of the Senac Center in Itu, increasing the presence of Senac São Paulo to 37 cities in the State; of the new facilities of Senac Rio Preto and the Gastronomy Center from Campus Santo Amaro, for development of courses, training sessions, food tests and segment events.

Launch of the first academic master’s course in Fashion, Culture and Art, the first in Latin America.

Senac São Paulo totals 49 libraries in its group of units, with 180,000 titles. The most complete library is on the Campus Santo Amaro of the Senac University Center, with highlight for the Braille Space, with archive and special infrastructure for people with sight impairment.

Launch of the electronic magazine e-Bios, which becomes the information vehicle for the Senac University Center.

Editora Senac São Paulo celebrates 10 years of activities with a history of 526 titles launched and over 3.5 million copies sold, in addition to several editorial awards won in Brazil and other countries.

STV – Rede SescSenac de Televisão has its control handed over to Sesc São Paulo and changes name to Sesc TV.

Corporate advertising launches a new market positioning with the slogan “Viva Senac. O conhecimento transforma” (Live Senac. Knowledge is transformative).

The organization ranks in 14th place among the top 50 companies for executives to work in Brazil, in a poll published by Você S/A magazine, and wins the Top Hospitalar 2005, one of the most important awards in the healthcare area, in the category Teaching Institution.

The Senac São Paulo group totals 154,475 customers and 440,487 services throughout the year.


Inauguration, at Campus Santo Amaro, of the sports center and gym and of the Innovation Center, in partnership with Microsoft.

Accomplishment of Gold Certified Partner stamp, which confirms the highest level of competence for this type of work

Launch of the book “Senac São Paulo – 60 anos” (Senac São Paulo 60 years), celebrating the anniversary of the organization.

Alexandre Herchcovitch, one of the top Brazilian fashion designers, becomes artistic director of the bachelor’s course in Fashion Design.

Launch of Interfacehs – Revista de Gestão Integrada em Saúde do Trabalho e Meio Ambiente (Integrated Labor and Environment Healthcare Management Magazine), by the Senac University Center.

Awarding of Jabuti prize for the book “A Costura do Invisível” (Sewing the invisible), by Jum Nakao, published in partnership with Editora Senac Nacional.

The Portal Setor 3 wins the 6th edition of the Ethos Journalism Award – Special Edition in the category Digital Media.

The Senac University Center – Campus Santo Amaro achieves the level II certification of the Eco-efficiency Rule, which includes the Environmental Policy and the Rule for Implementing the Environmental Management System – SGA, a program started in June 2005.

Senac closes the period including the following institutions as its international partners: General Consulate of the United States of America in Sao Paulo, European Software Institute, IBM, Microsoft, Indiana Mary’s University, Université du Québec à Montreal (UQAM), École des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (Esmod), Glion Institute of Higher Education, Paul Bocuse Institute and Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL).

The Senac São Paulo group totals 242,151 customers and 480,906 services throughout the year.

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Inauguration of the Innovation Center on the Senac Unit in São José do Rio Preto, in partnership with Microsoft.

Launch of the courses Bachelor’s Degree in Design – qualification in Visual Arts, Theater, Computer Network Technology, and Nutrition; the Master's Degree course Design, the lato sensu post-graduation course Events: strategy and negotiation and Art Management; the technical qualification course TV Show Host, Cosmetology, Web, and Computer Networks.

Awarding, for the fifth year in a row, of the Top of Mind Prize – HR Providers, in the category Training and Development.
Establishment of a training agreement with Babson College, the main entrepreneurship school in the United States, for qualification of our faculty.
Conduction of 7 editions of the Fórum Permanente do Terceiro Setor (Permanent Third Sector Forum), reaching approximately 5,400 community leaders;

Launch of the new version of the Internet Portal Senac.

Editora Senac São Paulo wins the Cultura Econômica (Economic Culture) award by Jornal do Comércio do Rio Grande do Sul, in the category Publishing House, for the titles in the area of business and administration, and of the Clio award, in the category History, for the book “Mulheres Negras do Brasil” (African-American women in Brazil).

Conduction of the 1st Mesa Trends – 1st International Gastronomy Forum (1o Mesa Tendências – 1o Fórum Internacional de Gastronomia), in Sao Paulo, in collaboration with the Prazeres da Mesa magazine, in parallel to the event Prazeres da Mesa ao Vivo IV (Prazeres da Mesa Live IV).

Conduction of 15 groups from the Program Formatos Brazil, benefiting 450 community leaders in the State of São Paulo.

Lauch of the publication “A Era das Conexões – O Senac e o desenvolvimento local 2006/2007” (Era of connections – Senac and local development 206/2007), which displays the work from Senac in the area, joining 754 organizations active in over 30 locations in the State, with 4,091 people qualified.

The Senac Sao Paulo group totals 521,340 services to individuals and sale of 520,936 editorial products throughout the year.

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Reformulation of Sector3 Portal

Launch of the Senac University Center’s Portal for Scientific Journals

Inauguration of the third Innovation Center in partnership with Microsoft at the Ribeirão Preto (RIP) unit.

Classification of Bachelors in Photography, Fashion Design, Hotel Management and Design – qualification in visual communication with four stars in the Editora Abril Student Guide.

Ranking of the Senac University Center as the second best in the state and one of the ten best in the country according to the General Course Index (IGC) of the Anísio Teixeira National Institute of Educational Studies and Research, which is tied to the Ministry of Education (MEC). 

Winner, for the sixth time running, of the Top of Mind trophy in HR.

Recognition in the SAC Amigo do Cliente (CSC Friend of the Customer) award and in the education category of the IX Modern Consumer Award of Excellence in Customer Service.

Winner of the Jabuti Award for three books by Senac São Paulo Publishing House: Ensaio sobre o Medo, by Adauto Novaes, with cover by Moema Cavalcanti; Mulheres Negras do Brasil, by Schuma Schumaher and Érico Vital Brazil, published by Senac Publishing Houses and the Human Development Network (Redeh); Crescimento Econômico e Distribuição de Renda: prioridades para ação, by Jacques Marcovitch, in a co-edition with the University of São Paulo publishing house (Edusp).

Sales of 485,282 copies of the Senac São Paulo Publishing House catalogue.

Signing of partnerships with the following institutions and companies: British Council, Environmental Sanitation Technology Company (Cetesb), Epson, School of the Future, Forum for Hotel Operators in Brazil (Fohb), Create Institute, Portuguese Institute of Photography, National School of Higher Learning in Photography at Arles, Renault and Padre Anchieta Foundation.

Serving 11 thousand people in the 29 courses of the State Program for Professional Qualification (PEQ), developed in partnership with the Secretary of Employment and Labor Relations (Sert) at 35 units of the network.

Held 80 editions of the Local Development Forum in the state with the participation of 4 thousand community leaders.

Launch of the Local Development Program for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Held 492,468 services throughout the year in courses, seminars, social-professional and community activities.

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In 2009, 35,090 people benefited from the Senac Policy on Granting Scholarships, which encompasses courses of long duration to serve the Senac Gratuity Program (PSG) and courses with hour loads of less than 160 hours, a benefit the institution was already offering communities before the PSG.  Besides that, 269,484 free activities were offered.

Classification of the Senac University Center as the second best in the state and fifth in the country by the Ministry of Education (MEC), based on the General Course Index (IGC), which evaluates the quality of higher education.

Granted five stars for the Bachelor’s in Hotel Management by the Editora Abril’s Student Guide.

Winner, for the seventh year running, of the Top of Mind trophy in HR.

Winner of the Jabuti Award, granted by the Brazilian Book Chamber, for two publications by Senac São Paulo Publishing House: Valores Humanos & Gestão – novas perspectivas, organized by Maria Luisa Mendes Teixeira, in the economics, administration and business category; and História do Brasil – uma interpretação, by Adriana Lopez and Carlos Guilherme Mota, in the human sciences category.

Winner of first place in the written works category at the 23rd Museu da Casa Brasileira Design Award for the book Modernidade Verde – jardins de Burle Marx, by Guilherme Mazza Dourado.

Sales of 602,352 copies of the Senac São Paulo Publishing House catalogue.

Recognition of the Grande Hotel Campos do Jordão – Senac Hotel-School, as one of the 21 best hotels in Brazil for events by Viagem e Turismo magazine together with Quatro Rodas Guide in its special edition, Viagem de Negócios.

Participation in important events like: 18th Broadcast & Cable, Restaubar Show 2009, Hospital Protection Expo, 27th International Congress on Dentistry of São Paulo (Ciesp), Campus Party 2009, International Colloquium at the University of Quebec, World Forum on Professional and Technological Education – education, development and inclusion, 30th Global Management Challenge.

Served 607 companies with exclusive classes, totaling 63,785 people.

Held 400 meetings at the 40 social networks spread about the state of São Paulo, representing more than 150 projects.

Held 475,538 services including courses, seminars, social-professional and community activities.

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Signing of the assignment of land donated by the local city hall to install the Senac unit in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, in the SP ABC.

Gradual increase in the number of benefits provided by the Senac Policy of Scholarship Grants in which 35,267 new grants were awarded, with 5,977 in the social responsibility category, 5,465 of them full scholarships, and 29,290 by the Senac Gratuity Program.

The higher education modality, in the second semester, had 2,082 students enrolled in 31 undergraduate courses, an increase of 26% over the first semester of 2010.

The second edition was held of the Empreenda! competition, which allows students of technical courses to become acquainted with the entrepreneurial culture, was extended this year to youth from the programs Learning and Education for Work - New Connections, with 1,178 participants and 496 business ideas registered.

Development of Senac Connections 2010, with competitions for entrepreneurship and innovation aimed at undergraduate students, which included the handing in of 33 projects and the victory, at the national level, of the Senac University Center team for their participation in the Global Management Challenge, a major international strategy and management competition that takes place in 32 countries, and focuses on highlighting talent through simulation in a virtual business world.

Semana Mesa SP (Table Week SP), the largest gastronomical event in Latin America, a partnership of Senac São Paulo with Prazeres da Mesa (Pleasures of the Table) magazine, which drew nearly 8,000 people. Produced by Table Trends - International Gastronomy Convention of São Paulo, it had more than 500 visitors from 22 states who attended 47 presentations of chefs such as Hervé This, Alex Atala, Massimo Bottura and Shane Osborn. The event had three major activities: the benefit Jantar da Terra (Dinner of Earth), Prazeres da Mesa ao Vivo (Pleasures of the Table Live) and the culinary festival Mesa na Cidade (Table in the City).

Introduction of new undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Physical Education, Degree in Physical Education, Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bachelor of Accounting Sciences, Bachelor of International Relations, Environmental Technology Management, Information Technology Management and Human Resource Management Technology.

Receipt of the HR Top of Mind award for the eighth consecutive year, sponsored by Editora Fênix (Phoenix Publishing House), in the category training and development companies.

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