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Purchase of own building to adapt the educational facilities of the Senac school "Gabriel Dias da Silva", in Santos.

Façade of the Senac school "Gabriel Dias da Silva" building with students leaving the class, located at Conselheiro Nébias street, 309. Santos, 1950s. Source: Institutional Memory.
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Acquisition of building at Doutor Vila Nova street, 228, to where the Regional Administration is transferred. Start of the course Specialization for Waiter, comprised of lessons of conversation in Portuguese, French and English; psychology of human relations; nutrition and dietetics and notions of marketable goods. Implementation of Senac school in Marília and São Carlos.

Students of the Waiter course in practical activity. Page from the 1951 Annual Senac Report . São Paulo, 1951. Source: Institutional Memory.
Façade of building rented for hosting the Commercial School "Samuel Augusto de Toledo", located at 13 de Maio street, 89. Photo Agency Vasclo. São Carlos, 1955. Institutional Memory.


Launch, in the São Paulo and Santos school, of the English course, developed in partnership with the Yázigi Language School. The course Classification of Vegetable Products is also implemented.

Dramatization during a lesson in the English course developed at the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto". São Paulo, 1952. Source: Institutional Memory.
Students during lesson of the course Classification of Vegetable Products, developed at the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto". São Paulo, 1957. Source: Institutional Memory.


Recording in disc of the Air University lessons, aiming at improving the quality of retransmissions made by 47 radio channels in the State. Launch of course for store clerks and managers in company, with the purpose of further qualifying the employed professionals. Beginning of courses for Hair Stylist and Manicure in Campinas, in partnership with the Union of Barbershops, Hair Salons, Beauty Institutes and Similar.

Clerk course developed for employees of the company Rádio Assumpção S/A. São Paulo, 1953. Source: Institutional Memory.
Course A Perfect Clerk, conducted for clerks of the Mappin Store. Roberto M. Manenti Photo Reporter. Sao Paulo, 1950s. Source: Institutional Memory.


Beginning of the Shop Window Dressing course, elaborated for development at the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto" and in companies in Sao Paulo.

Exhibit conducted by students of the Shop Window Dressing course from the Professional Qualification Center "Brasílio Machado Neto", in the inauguration of the Commercial Training Company Senac – ECTS (Empresa Comercial de Treinamento Senac). Sao Paulo, 1974. Institutional Memory.
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Launch of the Basic Commercial school, equivalent, at that time, to the junior high school level. Selection of the cities of Ribeirão Preto, Bauru, Araraquara and Marília for starting the construction of own buildings in the State countryside.

Students during final course test, at the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto". Sao Paulo, 1955. Source: Institutional Memory.
Worksite in the early construction of the Senac Commercial School’s own building. Marília, 1956. Source: Institutional Memory.


Organization of the 1st Inter-school Championship of Senac, a cultural and sports competition involving students from all Senac schools in the State of Sao Paulo, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the institution. The festivities celebrating the creation of the Institution are held throughout the year, with educational, sports and cultural events, as well as the solemn inauguration of the first own building, in partnership with Sesc-SP, in Ribeirão Preto.

Cake for celebrating the tenth anniversary of Senac, cut during the festivity of the 9th Pascal Communion, held at the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto". São Paulo, 1956. Institutional Memory.
Façade of the Senac Commercial School building in Ribeirão Preto, in the official inauguration of its new facilities. Ribeirão Preto, 1956. Source: Institutional Memory.


Organization of the Sector of Educational Assistance to Commercial Teaching – SADEC (Setor de Assistência Didática ao Ensino Comercial), in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Culture, aiming at providing educational assistance, including material, to all Commercial School teachers in the State. Use by the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto" of the fictional company methodology, aiming at a more adequate training for students in the courses of Office and Commerce Practice. Among the companies created, there were "Ao Mago da Luz", "Magazine Quatrocentão Limitada" and "Tietê Indústria e Comércio". Conduction of the first Professional Training and Qualification courses for hotel industry professionals, conducted by professor Eugênio Svab, at the Senac schools in Ribeirão Preto and São José do Rio Preto.

Students of the Basic Attending Course in practical activity at the fictional company Matelege - Material Elétrico em Geral, at the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto". São Paulo, 1959. Source: Institutional Memory.
Students during competition in the 1st Cultural Tournament by MEC, developed by SADEC – Service of Educational Assistance to Commercial Teaching. Studio Orlando Bataglia. São Paulo, 1964. Institutional Memory of SENAC-SP.


Inauguration of own buildings in Bauru and Marília, designed and built specifically for hosting the SENAC schools.

Main entrance of the SENAC school "Nelson Fernandes" building, with panel by plastic artist Irineu Guerreiro Maia honoring the opening of Brazilian ports by Visconde de Cayrú. J. Moscardi. Bauru, 1960s. Institutional Memory of SENAC-SP.
Internal yard of the Commercial SENAC School in Marília. J. Moscardi. Marília, 1958. Institutional Memory of SENAC-SP.


Implementation of the technical Accounting and Secretariat courses, at the time equivalent to high school, with duration of three years and targeted to students who had concluded the Basic Commercial Course.

Students in the classroom of the Technical Secretariat course, developed at the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto". Sao Paulo, 1963. Source: Institutional Memory.
Solemnity for graduation from the Technical Secretariat course, developed at the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto". São Paulo, 1963. Source: Institutional Memory.