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Implementation of the first courses: Commerce Apprentice and Office Apprentice, for people 14 to 18 years old. For the ones that had not finished elementary school, Senac São Paulo offers a Preparation course and, for those over 18, the courses of Fabrics, Shoe and Hardware store clerk, Archivist and Treasurer. To make feasible the development of these courses, in March the Senac schools "João Nunes Junior", "Proost Rodovalho", "A. C. da Silva Telles" and "João Z. Ferreira Veloso" are installed in São Paulo, Santos, Ribeirão Preto and Campinas. Launch of the Air University (Universidade do Ar), a remote learning program via radio, promoted in partnership with Sesc-SP, which starts the Commercial Radiophone Course, transmitting, after November, lessons of Portuguese, Commercial Arithmetic, Social Sciences and Notions of Economy and Commerce.

Façade of the Senac school "Castro Mendes" building. Campinas, 1960s. Source: Institutional Memory.
Students in the Model Office of the Senac School in São Paulo, simulating commercial activities in the course of Commerce Applicants. São Paulo, 1949. Source: Institutional Memory.


Acquisition of building at Galvão Bueno street, in the Liberdade district, São Paulo, where the courses of three schools start operating – together, these schools change name to Senac School of São Paulo and, later, Senac School "Brasílio Machado Neto". The same year, the Model Office and Model Store are created for practical lessons of office routines and sales techniques, respectively, as well as the Marketable Goods Museum for marketable goods practices. Beginning of the Commerce Applicant course for students between 12 and 14 years old. The courses of Traveler Salesman and Stenography Typer are implemented at the Senac School São Paulo, and the development of the Nursing Practice course starts, in partnership with the Union of Nurses of Sao Paulo, aiming at providing the city’s hospitals with qualified professionals. Launch of the Senac schools in Taubaté, Bauru and Sao José do Rio Preto, respectively named "Marcelino de Carvalho", "Nelson Fernandes" and "Paiva Meira".

Students in class of the Typing course in the Senac Commercial School in Campinas. Campinas, circa 1957. Photography Agency Vasclo. Source: Institutional Memory.
Façade of the Senac School "Nelson Fernandes" building, located at 1º de Agosto street, 2-71. Bauru, circa 1953. Source: Institutional Memory.


Creation of the Professional Guidance Committee and the Placement Service, targeted for minors who want to start working in commerce and follow the apprentices who have concluded the Commerce Applicant course. Implementation of the new courses The Art of Speaking in Public and Commercial Mailing. Installation of the Senac school "Henrique Bastos Filho", in Araraquara, and the Senac school "Antonio G. L. Mont'Serrat", in Botucatu.

Façade of the first building where the Senac school "Antonio G. L. Mont'Serrat" was installed, located at Izabel Arruda square, 72. Botucatu, 1965. Institutional Memory.
Professional Guidance Committee Room at the Senac school "Brasílio Machado Neto". Sao Paulo, 1955. Source: Institutional Memory.